North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources presentation with updated Oil Forecast

North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources presentation on the Bakken, Natural gas flaring and other topics (70 pages)

The 90 percentile upper range has increased by 100,000 barrels per day and the proven lower range has increased by 50,000 barrels per day and the probable is also up about 40,000 barrels per day.

This new North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources projection (above) has several increases over the last forecast from just a few months ago (below).

Why is Gas Flaring?
• Dramatic surge in drilling rigs, wells drilled and gas produced
– Improved well-completion techniques increasing initial production rates
– Strong producer economics driven by crude oil prices
• Low pressure gas that must be processed for removal of NGLs
• Lag in construction of necessary natural gas gathering, compression and processing infrastructure

1. Feasibility and economic viability of immediately getting gas to market. Most of these wells will in time will be hooked up to gas processing facilities; however, there are some wells in North Dakota that are decades old and so far from any other existing well or facility that it may never be feasible to capture the gas from that single well.

2. Severe weather limitations in North Dakota

3. Size and Maturity of the Play. New play with rapid development (partially because of leasing requirements) and spread across over 15,000 sq. miles.

4. VALUABLE natural gas that is high in NGLs.

5. Over $3 billion is being invested by the industry for gathering and processing in the next few years. Significant gathering and processing growth has taken place over the past several years, but has simply been unable to keep up with such strong production growth.

Bakken Express Project to Capture Stranded Gas

Project Phase 2 – Total of 95 compressor skids to capture 66 mmscfpd

Blaise Energy Solution for Flared Natural Gas

The Blaise Solution
• Flare Gas to Electricity
• No Cost Alternative to Flaring
• Market Based solution
• Carrot vs. Stick
• No Cost & Easy way to reduce waste
• Complete Outsourced Solution:
• All work performed and paid by Blaise
• Use as much of the flare gas as possible
• Gas Monetization Options
• Significant emission reduction
• Proactive Environmental Stewardship
• Proactive Self Regulation

Improving the Design:
• Scalable Power Modules (85kW, 125kW & 200 kW)
• Mass production engine
• Stack in Parallel Operation
• Sized to available amount of associated gas
• Automatic air/fuel ratio adjustments for minimum emissions

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