Internet usage at the end of 2011 for the world and countries

the International Telecommunications Union estimates that at the end of 2011 there were 2.42 billion internet users in the world (an increase from 2.04 billion internet users at the end of 2010)

There were just short of 6 billion active mobile subscribers in the world.

There are more than 500 million internet users in China, 250 million in the USA and over 120 million in India. Here are statistics from June 2011

1. China:  485,000,000 (23.0% of World users)
2. US:     245,000,000 (11.6%)
3. India:  100,000,000 (4.7%)
4. Japan:   99,182,000 (4.7%)
5. Brazil:  75,982,000 (3.6%)
6. Germany: 65,125,000 (3.1%)
7. Russia:  59,700,000 (2.8%)
8. UK:      51,442,100 (2.4%)
9. France:  45,262,000 (2.1%)
10 Nigeria: 43,982,200 (2.1%

The explosion of smartphones and tablets with internet connections could cause explosive growth in internet users in 2012.

Internet users in India could top 200 million in 2012 and 330 million in 2013. Internet users in India should pass the number of internet users in the US in 2013.

According to the annual I-Cube Report jointly published by IAMAI and IMRB, India’s internet population is expected to grow to 121 million users by December 2011 from 100 million in September this year. There was a growth of 21 million users in 3 months.

Out of 121 million, 97 million are expected to be active Internet users, who access Internet at least once in a month.

Others havea more conservative prediction of 300 million internet users by 2015.

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