Liveblogging – Julia Hu of Lark – optimizing sleep

Sleep is good and important for health and longevity

Silent sleep alarm and wireless sleep monitor and personal sleep coach

3000 points a minute to monitor sleep. $99 device.

Need to fix insufficient sleep and disordered sleep.

three pillars of health – sleep, diet and exercise

They have a Lark Pro device for $150.

It has more software for sleep coaching.

It will not be until next year that they have an Android version of their software.

Sleep coaching can help modify sleep patterns.

A common problem for women is being unable get to sleep.

It is best to set up a 30-60 minute ritual before going to sleep.

the software would provide reminder prompts to being the sleep routine.

Blue light is the main frequency for adjusting wakefulness.

F.lux is an app that can take out the blue light (make screens more orange) so that you can use your computer without it having it cause trouble for falling asleep

Also, you can just buy cheap plastic orange colored glasses and wear them 30 minutes or so before going to sleep.

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