Everspin ships first ST-MRAM memory with 500X performance of flash

Computer World – Everspin Technologies today announced what it is calling the industry’s first Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM (ST-MRAM) chip, which offers an alternative to non-volatile DRAM sub systems.

Everspin said the new memory type is not targeted to replace volatile DRAM in the near future.

An Everspin spokesperson wrote in an email reply to Computerworld that ST-MRAM “gives system designers a new storage class memory tool that complements, not replaces, DRAM or NAND. System designers are excited about the benefit of persistent, high endurance storage or memory and will target the 64Mbit density at buffer and cache memory in storage applications and main memory in many industrial applications. Everspin plans to scale up density and performance while reducing cost in its ST-MRAM roadmap going forward.”

The new memory type has about 500 times the speed of NAND flash but the endurance of DRAM. ST-MRAM is seen by industry analysts as complementary technology to NAND flash memory, which is used to make solid-state drives (SSDs).

Everspin sees its ST-MRAM being used as buffer memory in SSDs, for I/O and network cache and as an ultra-fast tier of storage, as some DRAM manufacturers use their products today.

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