Lightbridge Annular Metallic Fuel for Power Uprates and Details on the Power Uprate market potential in the USA

Lightbridge has an investor presentation which describes the economic case and technical details of their annular metallic fuel for uprating the power in nuclear reactors.

* Testing, design and validation of the metallic fuel is from 2013-2018
* Regulatory approval will be in the 2014-2018+ timeframe
* First commercial installation will be 1-2 years after regulatory approval
* The increased power generation will have a levelized cost of 20-30$ per MWH which is less than half the cost coal and natural gas and the regular nuclear construction

Lightbridge Corporation’s Advanced Metallic Fuel for Light Water Reactors

Lightbridge Corporation is developing an advanced metallic nuclear fuel capable of increasing the power output and extending the cycle length of current-generation light water reactors (LWRs). This paper provides a review of the unique geometry and composition of the metallic fuel and its application to power uprates in LWRs.

* The peer reviewed article to be published in December 2012 provides further validation of LTBR’s fuel technology
* Unique alloy and fuel rod geometry
* Increases power output by up to 17% in existing PWRs
* Extends fuel cycle to 24 months or more, enhancing industry economics
* Increased safety through lower operating temperatures

Pace Global did a detailed economic analysis.

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