Electronic Spying is Confirmation of what was long expected and what makes sense

Experts accuse China of making no distinction between hacking to steal intellectual property and the traditional pursuit of foreign military secrets. All is fair game. They don’t believe Americans who tell them that “America does not conduct espionage on behalf of our companies,” says James Mulvenon, an expert on the Chinese army and one of the authors of the new book. In the Chinese system the two types of cyber-espionage are being conducted by the same people and organisations, he says, and the commercial proceeds are distributed to state-owned enterprises and other national champions.

President Obama said late Friday that the focus on his administration’s (NSA) massive Internet and phone surveillance programs have no bearing on his talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping about reining in cyber-spying.

Any country or company with the technological means has an electronic surveillance program.
USA, China, Japan, Germany, UK, Russia, India, France, Canada, Australia, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Taiwan etc…

Each country would tap into the telecomm and IT companies and resources at their disposal.

With several very public cyber spying programs (USA, China, UK etc…) then the other nations have not been sitting idle. China is actively cyberspying then of course India has a program. If India then Pakistan. They also did not wait for the other program to start before reacting. Cyberspying was an extension of regular spying.

For regular folks the main defense is that we are like the boxes at the end of Indiana Jones. If you are boring box with boring contents, then it mass surveillance is not so relevant.

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