Buffet buys half a billion in oilsand stock as Keystone delay no longer matters

Warren Buffet established a new position of 17,769,457 shares in Suncor (big canadian oilsand company) at a cost of $524,021,000 for an average price of $29.49.

Keystone-XL Pipeline: Delayed So Long It No Longer Matters?, other pipelines and a huge build out of rail infrastructure have resolved takeaway capacity constraints.

The spread in oilsand oil price to Brent oil has dropped to $3.91 per barrel from a peak of $27 per barrel.

Suncor production is up. Suncor should average 641,950 boe/d in Q3 and Q4. That would be up ~141,000 boe/day over Q2 production: an increase of 28%, and an increase of 7.6% over Q1.

The canadian oilsands are projected to nearly triple production by 2030

Petrobank may be able to resolve issues to scale up its THAI oilsand recovery process.

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