Reports from Italy that Bill Gates Foundation is close to investing $1 billion to support Cold Fusion Research

[Ecat world translation of L’Arena article] His [Bill Gates] foundation is considering in supporting some of our projects” said the commissioner Testa. Bill Gate’s foundation will invest in some of ENEA’s thermonuclear fusion projects. Much is due to the efforts of ENEA’s Commissioner, the Veronese Federico Testa, who last Wednesday toured Microsoft Corporation’s founder around the research centre of Frascati.

We have reached a statement of understanding” continued Testa, “to identify practical collaboration steps. The foundation will invest about 1 billion dollars in research. ENEA has all the technical and human characteristics to be successful in this venture: if we manage to get this money it will be not only to my satisfaction, as a commissioner, but also for the government. ENEA is the Italian leader in an international project regarding cold and hot fusion, call ITER. From this project ENEA is a 13% share holder, and with this share, it managed to get to Italy the 65% of funds reserved to it, that is 987 million euro. With all this money, many Italian industries have, and are still working. If the agreement with Bill Gates is reached, it can change Italy’s faith, concluded ENEA’s Veronese number one.

There was an earlier report where Bill Gates was briefed on low energy nuclear reaction (cold fusion) research at ENEA

Image source: ENEA Facebook page

On the Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi Facebook page, Giuliano Bettini astutely observes that in the corner is a poster for the 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCR-15) which was held in Rome in 2009.

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