Water Bath Cooking for super-easy, foolproof perfectly cooked meat

Water bath or Sous Vide cooking is super easy and how high end restaurants get perfectly cooked meat every time. Using this method the meat gets thoroughly cooked and gets to exactly the right temperature throughout but does not go any higher or lower. The meat gets perfectly juicy but not overcooked.

1. You begin by packing food, usually meat, into a plastic bag.
2. Then you place the bag in a water bath whose temperature is precisely controlled by a computerized thermostat. 3. Then you wait.
4. After an hour, two hours, or in some cases 72 hours, you will have an exquisitely textured cut of meat — a steak with a uniform pinkness from edge to edge, or chicken so tender it tastes like no chicken you have ever experienced. If you have ever wondered how high-end restaurants get every steak right, every time, it is most likely because they cook sous vide.

The machines used to cost over $1000 but now they have adequate machines for less than $200.

Sous vide demands no special expertise, it has a minimal learning curve, and it is wondrously forgiving of error.

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