Russia’s planning on upgraded nuclear submarines

Russia is apparently planning an enlarged naval fleet.

12 Project 955 “Borei” submaines. Eight 955s have been ordered under the SAP 2020. Four more are planned after 2020.

The Borei has a compact and integrated hydrodynamically efficient hull for reduced broadband noise and the first ever use of pump-jet propulsion on a Russian nuclear submarine. The Borei submarines are approximately 170 metres (560 ft) long. They have a maximum submerged speed of at least 46 kilometres per hour (25 kn; 29 mph). They are equipped with a floating rescue chamber designed to fit in the whole crew. Smaller than the Typhoon-class, the Boreis were initially slated to carry 12 missiles but are able to carry 4 more due to the decrease in mass of the 36-ton Bulava SLBM (a modified version of the Topol-M ICBM) over the originally proposed R-39UTTH Bark. Cost is some 23 bln RUR ($890 million USD), in comparison the cost of an Ohio-class SSBN was around 2 billion USD per boat (1997 prices).

A fifth generation successor to the 955 submarine is already in development It will carry cruise missiles and ballastic missiles.

Russia is also building multipurpose nuclear-powered ships called Project 885 “Ash”. These are quite large (almost submerged displacement of less than 14 thousand tons) submarine. The Yasen-class submarine is a Russian nuclear multipurpose attack submarine. It is based on the Akula-class submarine and the Alfa-class submarines. It is projected to replace Russia’s Soviet-era attack submarines, both Akula and Oscar-class submarines.

The Yasen design is claimed to be state-of-the-art. The Yasen-class nuclear submarine is presumed to be armed with cruise missiles

The main part of the 2020s for the 2020s will the construction of at least 12 “destroyers” (and in fact – missile cruisers) in project “Leader”. This large (displacement of about 15,000 tons) universal missile ships will have nuclear or gas turbine power plant, equipped with a wide range of both shock and defensive weapons.

Russia is developing the Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles.

Russia is gutting and upgrading three cruisers. They are completely replacing the weapons and avionics for three cruisers in Project 1164 (“Varyag”, “Marshal Ustinov” and “Moscow”). Project 1144 nuclear cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” has already put under modernization and is schedule for 2018. The most likely ship for modernization is the re – cruiser “Peter the Great”.