Russian and US space agencies talk about a joint space station successor to the ISS

Moscow’s space officials are talking with their NASA counterparts about building a new space station after the current one has run its course, in 2024 or later. But there’s no indication of a formal agreement, even though some of the comments make it sound that way.

The comments came after discussions between NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, Igor Komarov, timed to coincide with Friday’s launch of three new crew members to the International Space Station from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Nextbigfuture thinks this is a terrible idea. The International Space station was way too costly and the cooperation with Russia was not worth the cost.

Ruscosmos CEO Igor Komarov said “It will be an open project: it will feature not only current members of the ISS,” – said Komarov during a press conference at Baikonur. He also said that the term of the existing ISS extended until 2024 , however, the number may vary depending on the progress of work on the new station.