China Jilin Province offers to build 330 mile high speed line to Russian pacific port city Vladivostok

Jilin Province in China has offered to build a railway to Vladivostok for Russia’s Far East Region of Primorsky Krai. It would be the first cross-border high-speed rail link between the two countries and Russia’s major Pacific port.

“We have an idea to construct a high-speed railway to Vladivostok. In August we will open a section to Hunchun. If we want to extend it, this will be the first high-speed trans-border railway between Russia and China,” said Bayin Chaolu Deputy Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Committee Thursday in a meeting with the Primorsky Krai Governor Vladimir Miklushevskiy.

Russia’s strategic goal is to construct a transit logistics zone in the Far East to include the Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 international transit corridors. With the joint efforts of Jilin Province and Primorsky Krai the railway and other road and infrastructure projects could be completed quicker, said Miklushevskiy.

In 2014, the nominal GDP of Jilin province totaled $225 billion. Jilin has a population of about 28 million. The biggest city is Changchun which has a population of about 8 million. Vladivostock has a population of about 592,000

It is 536 kilometers (333 miles) from Changchun to Vladivostok.