Spacex Heavy capable of sending a Dragon V2 capsule to Europa

The Falcon Heavy is the next Spacex rocket. The current plan is for the first launch in the spring of 2016.

The Spacex dragon 2 It is the second version of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft which will be a human-rated vehicle capable of making a terrestrial soft landing. It includes a set of four side-mounted thruster pods with two SuperDraco engines each which can serve as a Launch Abort System (LAS) or be used for propulsive landings. In addition, it has much larger windows, landing legs which extend from the bottom of the spacecraft, new computers and avionics, and redesigned solar arrays, all packaged in a spacecraft with a changed outer mold line from the initial cargo Dragon that has been flying for several years.

The spacecraft was unveiled on May 29, 2014. Dragon V2 could make its first flight as early as late 2015, with its first flight with people as early as 2016.