Airvinci Personal ducted fan helicopter and drones could enable the flying car future

The Airvinci personal ducted fan helicopter and drones could enable the flying car future. The unmanned heavy cargo drone version looks like a good way to commercially ramp up to true personal flight. If Amazon or other internet ecommerce companies use this for 120 kg deliveries then it will be the path to the flying car future.

The Airvinci Helicopter has a diameter of less than 7ft, fitting easily inside an average garage or on a standard-sized trailer

The duct around the rotor systems increases their efficiency, allowing their size to be decreased while still achieving the same technical characteristics as much larger rotor systems. No time is wasted removing components for storage and transport. With vertical take-off and landing there is no need for a runway. This is a unique advantage especially in urban areas, where you can take off from your driveway and land in a regular parking lot.

A full prototype looks set for 2017.

Target prices look reasonable
Drone $65k
Helicopter $100k

Diameter: less than 6ft
Payload 260lbs
Weight: 200lbs
Range: min. 70km (miles)
Flight time: minimum 1hr and targeting 3 hours or more for commuting 60 miles each way
Speed: 70km/hr
Power: 56hp
12,500 ft (3,800 m) altitude capability

The prototype engines for the drone put out around 28 hp (21 kW) each