Dating site for relationship cheating, cheated members with 95% fake women accounts

Only 5% of Ashley Madison (cheating data site) site members were real women. More than 75% of the site’s customers were convinced to join by an army of 70,000 fake fembot accounts. The accounts were created in dozens of languages by data entry workers…told to populate these accounts with fake information and real photos posted by women who had shut down their accounts on Ashley Madison or other properties owned by Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media.

Ashley Madison promised the men discreet affairs with willing women, but 95% of the women were fake.

Dating site for relationship cheating… cheated members

In related revelations, professional wrestling is fake.

CEO Rob Segal and President James Millership—finally opened up to the public about where the company is going. Millership admitted that the company used fembots and swore not to use them again: “My understanding is that bots are widespread in the industry, but they are no longer being used, and will not be used, at Avid Life Media and Ashley Madison.” Segal claimed in an interview with The New York Times that the site now has roughly 16 percent real female members, which would be a considerable jump from what executives estimated privately last year. He provided no evidence to back up this claim.

SOURCE- Ars Technica