Canada and some other NATO countries plan to increase defense spending

Defense spending by NATO countries has generally been declining as a percent of GDP for the last 25 years.

Canada is currently spending at 1% of GDP and most NATO countries are below a 2% of GDP agreement.

Canada plans to increase annual defense spending from $18.9 billion in Canadian dollars in 2016-2017 to $32.7 billion in 2026.
(That’s the equivalent of an increase from $13.99 billion in the US to $24.2 billion.)

Canada has a GDP of about C$2.1 trillion. Canada will probably have an economy of about C$2.5 trillion in constant dollars in 2026.

Canada would go from about 0.9% of GDP in military spending to 1.3% of GDP in military spending.

If Canada was going to meet its 2 percent NATO requirement, they would have to basically increase their budget to around $40 billion Canadian dollars, and they’re talking about $32 billion dollars almost a decade from now.

Romania plans to meet the 2% defense spending level in 2018.