Emdrive inventor Shawyer patenting new approach and has bigger claims

Roger Shawyer is the original inventor of the Emdrive. He claims to have a new generation EmDrive and has filed for a patent in the UK. The Emdrive is super-controversial propellantless space drive. Many argue that there are problems with the physics of EmDrive claims.

Here is part of Shawyers most recent presentation and his patent application.

First generation emdrive- Original low thrust technology for inorbit satellite applications. Reported to be operational in US and China. NASA eagleworks has a peer reviewed report of 1.2 millinewtons per kilowatt of thrust from a first generation emdrive.

Second Generation emdrive
High thrust, low acceleration, superconducting technology. Space and Marine applications.
Under development in UK and US. Nextbigfuture notes that no report of a superconducting Emdrive having official performance measurements. If a superconducting Emdrive works as claimed then the amount of thrust would be definitive.

Third Generation emdrive – Shawyers new design.
High thrust. High acceleration, superconducting technology. Theoretical work reported in US, China and UK. Aerospace applications including Launch Vehicles and Personal Air Vehicles.

Here is a copy of 14 page UK patent submission for GB 2537119 Superconducting Microwave Radiation Thruster


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