Brillouin Energy Posts SRI evaluation which confirms net energy for Brillouin but so far a few watts

There is a 26-page technical report of the SRI investigation and testing of the Brillouin Energy low energy nuclear reaction system.

In August 2012, SRI International (SRI – was contracted by Brillouin Energy Corp. of Berkeley California (“Brillouin”, “Brillouin Energy” or “the company” – to perform independent studies of Brillouin’s low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) reactors, as well as advise on related Brillouin LENR research. They have operated these reactors to observe, monitor, analyze, advise on, and independently verify Brillouin’s LENR evolving research & development work, test systems, and test results. This Report documents the most recent independent results obtained with Brillouin’s prototype reactors located in SRI’s laboratory, as well as verification and validation of results obtained with Brillouin’s prototype reactors located in Brillouin’s laboratory, over the course of the past year.

The calorimeter was designed by both SRI and Brillouin personnel to be perfectly matched to the reactor for the accuracy of measurement, whose results are described in this Report. During 2017, the calorimeter design was modified to match the analytical methodology suggested by an independent commercial third-party reviewer, who is also overseeing their suggested stimulation and analyses.

This Technical Progress Report is the second such Report that SRI International has issued to Brillouin Energy Corp., covering technical results achieved in 2017. It compares with the original (first) Progress Report that SRI issued to Brillouin covering results achieved in 2016.

Last year’s Report suggested that Brillouin could produce repeatable, small scale LENR reaction heat on the order of a couple watts of power, on a fully controlled basis, on demand. This year’s Report shows that such output has increased to as much as over five watts of power, on a fully controlled basis, on demand.

In summary, when using cores constructed from similar metal compositions and built to the same
industrial specifications, the Brillouin IPB HHTtm LENR prototype reactors continue to show
results that are potentially:
Controllable on demand
Generated from multiple system components, made from relatively identical
compositions, manufactured to the same industrial specifications, producing the same
LENR heat output results
Generating significantly greater, repeatable COP’s and absolute LENR power outputs in
2017 than in 2016.