Super-aliens might gather stars and galaxies

If Dyson Swarms are the physical limit for an advanced civilization and the expansion of the universe is a real problem for those super-aliens then we could see them gathering stars and galaxies.

The presence of dark energy in our universe is causing space to expand at an accelerating rate. As a result, over the next approximately 100 billion years, all stars residing beyond the Local Group will fall beyond the cosmic horizon and become not only unobservable, but entirely inaccessible, thus limiting how much energy could one day be extracted from them.

If Dyson Swarms were worth making then super-aliens would want to direct waste heat and energy in specific directions. This would enable stars and even galaxies to be gathered. It would be mainly worthwhile for stars about the size of our sun. Larger stars would not last long enough and small stars would be tougher to move using their emitted solar power.

Gathering stars would maximize available energy over trillions of years by several thousand times.

However, this concept could be like assuming we could spot the storing of firewood on a planetary scale. There are better energy sources than firewood for a planet. There could be better energy options for a super-civilization.

Arxiv – Life Versus Dark Energy: How An Advanced Civilization Could Resist the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe