US Strategic Command General thinks there is potential and some movement towards North Korean denuclearization

General John Hyten says the prospects for the potential denuclearization of North Korea are moving in a positive direction since the Singapore summit. He is the Commander, United States Strategic Command. USSTRATCOM is responsible for strategic deterrence, global strike, and operating the Defense Department’s Global Information Grid.

US Strategic would actually launch nuclear weapons if that was the chosen response to a nuclear attack.

“From my perspective, the belief in a potential denuclearization of North Korea has changed,” Hyten told me at a press roundtable during Strategic Command’s annual deterrence conference. “The direction that things are moving is a positive direction. I don’t think anyone can deny that.”

North Korea has not launched a ballistic missile test since November 17 last year.

Russia robotic nuclear bomb drone submarine

Russia’s new Poseidon nuclear weapon is now entering sea trials. It is an underwater drone designed to cross the oceans undetected, with no humans aboard, carrying a two-megaton warhead.

Hyten says the russian robotic nuclear bomb drone submarine does not change the deterrence situation.