Nine-passenger all electric regional passenger aircraft by 2021

Israeli startup Eviation is making a nine-passenger all-electric regional passenger aircraft by 2021. It will take 9 passengers up to 650 miles at a cruise speed of 240 knots.

Alice uses distributed propulsion with one main pusher propeller at the tail and two pusher propellers at the wingtips to reduce drag, create redundancy, and improve efficiency.

Alice will cost at least four times less per passenger-mile and it can also operate as a drone to transport cargo or to reposition the plane for its next scheduled flight.

Eviation Aircraft, is using Stratasys 3D printing to accelerate its R&D process for everything from prototyping to tooling and evaluation of production parts.

Orca is their electric drone

Eviation’s Orca UAS is a smart, autonomous aerial vehicle that offers the ultimate platform for a low operating-cost solution.