Using Woolly Mammoths to help solve Climate Change

Returning woolly mammoth to the Tundra would help solve Climate Change.

They lived during the Pleistocene until extinction in the early Holocene epoch, and was one of the last in a line of mammoth species.

The natural environment in the tundra was about 19 million square kilometers throughout Siberia Russia, Canada and Alaska. This huge amount of space used to have many more herbivores than it has now and the hunters and the trees have displaced these animals but they could easily return in particular. The mammoth was very good at knocking down trees they can knock down a tree in about 15 seconds.

They have already returned a number of cold-adapted animals horses, musk ox and the Bison.

There were only a couple of hundred bison in the in the world and now their numbers are back up to half a million worldwide.

What would the impact of woolly mammoths be ?

They will keep the temperature of the ground very low. These animals will stomp on the snow in the winter so the 20 degrees centigrade summer temperatures can equilibrate the minus 40 degree temperature in the wind in the winter but not if you have a big thick insulating layer of snow so these herbivores will do that.

This will help trap a lot of carbon.