Full Body Exoskeleton Ordered By Special Ops

Sarcos Robotics has been awarded a contract by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to deliver a pre-production version of its Guardian™ XO® (“XO”) full-body, autonomously powered robotic exoskeleton. The XO is can operate for up to eight hours per battery charge, while walking at three miles per hour and carrying up to 200 pounds of payload. The rechargeable batteries can be hot swapped in the field.
SOURCE- Sarcos Robotics Written by Brian Wang

11 thoughts on “Full Body Exoskeleton Ordered By Special Ops”

  1. Wrapping a person in .5″ thick armor plating should cover most all small arms fire and come in under 300lbs. And look pretty cool. I bet most the engineers played a lot of Mech Warrior back in the day.

  2. Hopefully, any version carrying a crewed weapon will come in more subtle colors than canary yellow

  3. So this looks like their hardsuit, and there were noises SOCOM was still waiting on a viable softsuit.

  4. Armor is easily a loosing proposition beyond shrapnel protection. The guns can penetrate it with far less mass increase than increases in armor mass, can protect.

    You want to be more nimble, smarter, more aware/informed, less detectable, and a smaller target. This thing does none of that. Drones can do all of that conceivably.

  5. If you can easily carry 200lbs of dead weight it could be armor and a shoulder mounted gun. I’d be surprised if a company like Bobcat or Caterpillar doesn’t make a hydraulic attached construction site version at some point.

  6. It will be difficult to make such a suit light enough to be practical, but at the same time durable enough for field use. I’d say the best actuators would be ballscrews, driven by polyphase motors.

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