China’s Plans to Match US Economic and Tech Power and Vie for Economic Influence

The Pentagon has published its 2019 China military power report.

China continues to move ahead on military modernization. China is on track to have per capita income at about 25% of US levels in 2030 which would be at about the level of Eastern Europe. The richest areas like Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong will be at a per capita income level ranging from Spain to Italy. By 2050, China will have per capita income levels at about 50% of US levels. This would mean wealth would be at levels of from Spain to Italy across most of China. The wealthiest cities might get to UK to US levels.

If China can strengthen its currency then it is possible that China could do better in currency exchange based per capita income comparisons.

China’s goal is full military modernization by 2035. This means all 2000 some planes will be generation 4 fighter and bombers. These would be at US F-35 levels. Currently, China has about 600 advanced fighters.

By 2050, China plans for a military that will be able to match the future US military. This will require China matching US high technology in AI, Quantum and other technologies.

China appears to want to match US global economic and technological dominance. The UJS mainly dominates the global business and financial systems. China’s Belt and Road is to establish regional influence and then extend to global economic and business competition with the USA.

There is also a wide range of long term economic performance possibilities for both China and the USA. There is also the question of whether India and ASEAN countries will have higher GDP growth than China from 2020 to 2050.

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