SpaceX Will Make Vacuum Optimized Raptor and Mass Producing at Three Per Day This Summer

A few months ago SpaceX and Elon Musk were going to only make one version of the new Raptor engine for initial tests and flights but now Elon tweets that a vacuum optimized Raptor engine could be ready earlier.

A vacuum ready Raptor would be about 10-20% more fuel efficient in space and another version that would be more efficient at sea level.

The Raptors’s would be used in Starship launches. Starship is the upper stage of the fully reusable Super Heavy Starship that was called the BFR.

Starship with vacuum engines would have six Raptors instead of seven unoptimized engines. There would be three vacuum raptor engines and three sea level-optimized engines.

Space will start ramping to make three engines per day. The production ramp will start this summer but may not complete until end of 2019 or into 2020. They expect to have 100 Raptors built early in 2020.

SOURCES – Elon Musk Twitter, SpaceX
Written By Brian Wang,

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