Current Betting Market Predictions for 2020 US Democratic Race

Prediction markets have Elizabeth Warren as the most likely to become the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. She is at 33 cents, while Biden is at 27 cents and Bernie is at 15 cents.

Prediction markets have Andrew Yang tied with Kamala Harris at 11 cents which represents an 11% bet that Andrew will be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

Recent polling has Yang ahead of Booker in a fairly solid 6th place and he has occasionally surpassed Pete Buttigieg.

Warren, Sanders and Yang are all going for the left vote.

Biden has a high likelihood of imploding. If his poll numbers continue to soften then he loses out on being the safe choice to go against Trump. Biden has had terrible results in his previous presidential runs, does not have an endorsement from Obama (despite being his VP) and he makes a lot of gaffs.

Predictit has Trump as the favorite to win the 2020 Presidential election by 43 cents vs Warren at 23 cents.

SOURCES- Predictit, Realclearpolitics
Written By Brian Wang,

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