ASML 1 to 2 Nanometer Chips Will Power Next Generation Technological Revolution

EUV Lithography is enabling another reduction in chip dimensions by 5 to 10 times in line geometry and this will extend Moore’s law and improve processing speed, component density and reduce energy used.

ASML is a world leader in lithography equipment. ASML 2019Q3 net sales came in at EUR3 billion.

This will power 5G connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving, Big Data, and Emerging Memory.

EUV lithography requires lasers to hit droplets of tin 50,000 times per second. Each droplet has to be hit twice.

The previous immersion and quadruple patterning technology was reaching economic limits at about 7 nanometers. EUV is taking over 7 nanometers layers and enabling improved performance and economics to 2 nanometers and possibly to 1 nanometer.

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