All US States Trending to Pass Critical Mass of Coronavirus Cases

Databrew data analysis indicates having over 150 cases in any region is when coronavirus COVID-19 reaches critical mass. There are still officially about 30 US states that do not have over the 150 critical mass of cases.

1. Are any of the states actually below 150 critical mass cases? Is this an artifact of a lack of testing?
2. Are any states following the Hubei province model of disease suppression. Do the seal borders completely to all of the outside sources and aggressively test and then contact trace all known cases?

Numbers below 150 in a state require active and effective testing and contact tracing to have a hope of holding the line below an explosion of cases.

Here are the current official numbers for US state counts of coronavirus.

SOURCES-,, John Hopkins
Written Brian Wang, Brian is working with a coronavirus mitigation startup.

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