September 15 Tentative Date for Tesla Battery Day

Tesla Battery is September 15. Tesla will show off its own battery cell production line.

Tesla will likely announce:
* longer life-cycle the million-mile batteries
* lower-cost batteries and probably lower price cars
* the new battery production will likely have implementation of some Maxwell dry cell battery technology
* higher charging capacity rate

SOURCES- Twitter, Tesla
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “September 15 Tentative Date for Tesla Battery Day”

  1. Subscription unlocks are very unpopular with most customers. Who can see that they are getting all the hardware, but are being stopped from using something they already own through sheer corporate greed.
    Trailers are bad for urban use. Not just because most people can’t drive with them, but also because most urban environments are not designed for them. They don’t fit into parking spaces. They can’t take sharp corners, especially though parking systems. Underground or multi-level car parks? Forget it. Automated boom gates and toll systems also need special care.

  2. A single killer feature announcement could be gas refueling speed fast charging or stupidly high range, either of which changes the game substantially. Anything else would be simply a nice mix of general improvements, which while together may be substantive, may not be earth shattering.

  3. They did play with the idea of subscription unlocks on capacity, so they could build one battery, but that didn’t pan out as well as they had hoped.  While there was the battery swap demo with the Model S, which I suppose could be extended to a depot level system using leased batteries might have worked (separating the vehicle from the battery in terms of pricing/service), it’s adding a lot of complications.

    It’s kind of a shame they didn’t popularize the idea of using a tow hitch mounted auxilary battery platform (like those tailgaiting cooler holders, and camping equipment shelfs) as form of temporary range extending. Cetainly would have allowed third party generator integration for serial hybrid systems. Full sized battery or generator trailers as range extenders are not great for urban use though, because most people suck driving with trailers.

  4. oddly specific number, do you mean for the roadster? if so I thought it had 630 miles of range.

    I’d like the option to modularize your purchase’s batteries to your needs, a much lighter, sporty weekend EV would be cool with a ~30kwh pack for super cheap for the die hard costers, and the full stack 100kwh+ for the range camels, selectable in 30kw increments would be super cool to me.. but I don’t think Tesla has the kind of factory overhead capacity to customize like that, though it would benefit their battery crunch I’d imagine.

  5. I’m excited for that kind of announcement. I want a 621 mile range for all EVs. xD But I want a lot of things.

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