Can 21st Century Progress Surpass 20th Century Progress

Can the technological, scientific, medical and economic progress of the 21st century surpass the 20th century?

The richest countries in the world increased per capita income by 10 times from 1900 to 2000.

It will take about 23 years in the 21st century for the US to double per capita income. (2000-2023) If this pace were maintained to 2100, then the US would have 16 times the per capita GDP.

In the 20th century
Airplanes were invented and became mainstream transportation
Vaccines and antibiotics boosted life expectancy by about 30 years (from 47 to 77 years)
Computers were invited and PCs and laptops became common
Phones became common and then shifted to cellphones
The Internet was invented and popularized
Mass production was developed and used to create 1 billion cars
Rockets and jets were invented and developed
Oil and steel usage increased about 100 times from 1900 to 2000.
Population went from 1.6 billion to 6 billion
AI was invented
Nuclear bombs were created and proliferated
Moon landing level space technology
Genetic science invented and first human chromosome was sequenced
Semiconductors lithography reached 180 nanometers in 1999

In the 21st century so far
Electric cars have reached 2 million cars per year
First stages have been reused
Population has gone from 6 billion to 7.7 billion
Cars have driver assist
Semiconductors lithography has reached 5-7 nanometers
DNA nanotechnology is emerging
Molecular electronic-CMOS hybrids are emerging
Antiaging technology is starting to be deployed.

In the rest of the 21st century, I believe this will happen and 20th-century progress will be passed.

Electric cars will replace new ICE cars by 2035 and all cars by about 2050
Fully reusable rockets will be developed and become dominant
Population is going from 7.7 billion to about 12-18 billion. 15 billion is based upon longevity going to 100 years. 18 billion is if half of the people can reach 150 years of age. Population would also go to 16 billion if Africa’s birthrate was in the high UN population scenario instead the middle scenario.
Fleets of tens of thousands of fully reusable rockets could replace airplanes for long-range travel on earth and open the solar system with millions in orbit, moon, Mars and beyond

Cars will become fully self-driving. This will enable trucks to cross the US in less than a day

Biotechnology and medicine can conquer obesity (adding a few ounces of brown fat via stem cells) could burn 500 extra calories per day
Biotechnology can enable regeneration to level of restoring limbs

DNA sequencing and synthesis could speed up by 100-1000 times each decade.
Biotechnology of this power will enable intelligence enhancement, powerful antiaging and powerful medicine

Full diamondoid molecular nanotechnology will emerge.
This will supercharge antiaging, medicine, space technology, energy production, AI, Quantum computers, biotechnology and all other technologies.

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