Another Successful SpaceX Launch

SpaceX successfully launched the ANASIS-II mission on Monday, July 20 using a Falcon 9’s. The primary launch window opens at 5:00 p.m. EDT, or 21:00 UTC. The ANASIS-II is a South Korean military communications satellite.

Falcon 9’s first stage previously launched Crew Dragon to the International Space Station with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley on board. SpaceX landed the Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The ANASIS-II spacecraft will deploy about 32 minutes after liftoff.

Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of SpaceX)

6 thoughts on “Another Successful SpaceX Launch”

  1. It appears that they actually caught them in the nets this time, so that is a pretty big improvement…

  2. He said they “caught” them, and they’ve retrieved both fairings before, so it’s not much of an announcement if that’s all they did.

  3. They retrieved both fairings, but Elon wasn’t clear on if they actually caught them with the nets or they were fished out of the water again…

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