Apple Thursday Intraday Market Value $2.005 Trillion

Apple had a high share price for the year of $464.17 on Thursday, which put it briefly over $2 trillion in value. Apple was the second company to reach $2 trillion. Saudi Aramco briefly traded over $2 trillion in 2019. Aramco is now at $1.76 trillion.

Microsoft and Amazon are at $1.58 trillion.

Google is at $1.02 trillion.

Facebook is at $744 billion.

Written by Brian Wang, (Brian owns technology shares, options and funds)

5 thoughts on “Apple Thursday Intraday Market Value $2.005 Trillion”

  1. “as for Apple, they dont make their own chips. ”

    What do you mean by don’t make their own chips??? They are ditching Intel for their own ARM chips. They licensed the ARM ISA, design their own CPUs and will just fab them out to whoever.

  2. Time to rake Mr. Dell over the coals. Lets recall what Mr. Dell said he would do if he was in charge of Apple:

    “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders…”

    CEO of Gateway computers doesn’t seem to be available for comment.

  3. Apple is soaring because people like me are chain buying iMacs to turn our homes in to school-at-home-schools.

  4. Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are very diverse and multi-product/service (comparatively) — and Facebook and Google can be bought, M&A’d, or spun-off. A lot more wealth on the sidelines and internationally methinks to toss into a sector that appears to be the only ‘real game in town’.

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