Tech Big 5 Combined Will Have Trillion Dollar Revenue in 2020

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook had combined 2019 revenue of $899 billion and should have over $1 trillion in revenue in 2020. Most of the revenue gains will be from Amazon. Amazon has a 40% increase over its 2019 revenue. Amazon should have $320-350 billion in 2020 revenue. This would be about $80-100 billion in revenue increase. Apple will also have increased revenues. Apple has become the most valuable company in world and could surpass $2 trillion in market value. The big 5 could hit $7.5 to 8 trillion in combined market value in 2020.

Apple is trading at a market valuation of 1.90 trillion. Saudi Aramco is the number two global public company at $1.76 trillion. Apple is worth more than Shell Oil (115 billion) and Saudi Aramco combined. Apple is almost worth as much as Saudi Aramco and Chevron ($157 billion) combined.

BP (British Petroleum) is worth $73 billion.
Exxon Mobil is worth $177 billion.
China Petroleum is worth $66 billion.

Amazon is at $1.57 trillion. Microsoft is at $1.62 trillion.

Apple was 10% lower just two weeks ago.

Apple and the other big technology companies were 30% lower in February, 2020. Apple was at $1.42 trillion in market value and Microsoft was at $1.4 trillion.

Sources: Google Finance, Visual Capitalist
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian has index funds and tech shares and some apple shares)