SpaceX SN8 Lost Vehicle Pneumatics and Bust a Disc

SpaceX SN8 Prototype had substantial damage during its third static fire. They lost vehicle pneumatics and a safety disc burst. The burst disc saved the vehicle. However, one or more engines will need to be replaced.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Twitter, Elon Musk
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Someone on twitter mentioned the pulled engine (SN38?) appeared to be missing it's methane manifold… but that might have been pulled separately. The going theories are that, or something melting on the inside and dripping down…

  2. The guys of the forum at NASA Spaceflight dot com have perhaps the best resources of related engineering people, connected by exchanges with Elon. Interesting back & forth of the merits of the evidence.

    Multiple engines in close proximity often find new failure modes that never occur when they are operated in isolation. The energy coupled into the support structure reverberates throughout vehicle and engines to build standing waves of material stress. Things tend to break at those focal zones. 

    Elon says will engineer a solution based upon what the investigation warrants.

    “SpaceX Starship : Texas Prototype(s) Thread”

  3. Will be interesting to see cause of engine failure. I wonder if they will install new Raptor Engine and resume static fires to proceed with test flight.

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