US Total COVID Deaths Passes Half Million as Daily New Cases Drop

The US passed a half million total COVID deaths according to Worldometers.

The daily new cases has dropped a lot in the US and is dropping globally.

The seven-day moving average of global daily COVID cases is at 381,000 which is down from a peak of nearly 750,000 in mid-January 2021.

The seven-day moving average of global daily COVID deaths is at 10,600 which is down from a peak of nearly 14,391 at the end of January 2021.

The world is about one to two weeks from pass a total of 2.5 million COVID deaths.

The seven-day moving average of US daily COVID cases is at 82,000 which is down from a peak of over 250,000 around January 12, 2021.

The seven-day moving average of US daily COVID deaths is at 1,460 which is down from a peak of around 3400 around January 26, 2021.

It is hopeful that the third surge in COVID is passing and there is substantial vaccine distribution.

The concern is around variants like the South Africa version and any new COVID variants.

SOURCES – Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,

40 thoughts on “US Total COVID Deaths Passes Half Million as Daily New Cases Drop”

  1. You are correct, scientific method implies that as new observations are made that disprove old theories, we change our understanding of how the universe works. Now apply scientific theory to US govt statements on masks. 2/29/20 – Surgeon General "Masks not effective" 7/2/20 – Dr Fauci – "new data" says masks are effective (note – there was a single study done in the interval demonstrating, even with masks, respiratory droplets can go over six feet and different mask types (neck gaiters actually increasing fine drop dispersal) varied in effectiveness, not that the good doctor referred to any study. He actually referred to misleading the public about mask effectiveness to protect the supply of N95 masks for healthcare providers). 1/25/21 – Double mask "makes common sense" 1/27/21 – "The CDC does not recommend that you wear two masks".
    In short, based on my observations, my theory is that senior medical bureaucrats in the US government rely more on 'appeal to authority' (themselves) arguments than on controlled studies in making their policy determinations and that causes public distrust undermining their own work.

  2. Just to show how people who have a brain how i.diotic is the person who runs this blog. He just censored a comment of mine where I was writing that many people who died of COVID may have supported Trump and then the same i.diot went ahead in a post to support murder.

    Sometimes, I understand why AlQaeda did what they did.
    USAians need to be stopped, some how


  3. The sad thing is that climate-deniers, antivaxx, conspiracy theorists and right winger nuts like you actually get to vote.
    We should study a system to prevent you and people like you to vote
    Even with some violence, if needed

    Just saying


  4. The scientific method isn't for everyone, conditions changing and new information results in never ending adjustments. The consistency of revealed truth will make you feel the security you're looking for, revealed truth never changes.

  5. Nope. It’s OneWeb, or whoever runs Nextbigfuture’s commenting platform. Test it yourself. Comment without doing it through your OneWeb account. Use whatever “guest” name you want & use Chrome on a desktop PC.

    Then, using a different internet network (ie, your phone’s data plan) & make another “guest” comment, this time using Chrome app on your phone. If you picked the same name as you previously did, when you go to view it from your desktop, OneWeb will have randomly picked a different name for you for the comments made via mobile.

  6. Nope, that is a problem w/ the website. On my mobile Chrome app, all the comments displayed are Mech Engineer, as I specified. When I view it from desktop, some are Mech Engineer & others not. For some reason, the site invented a different name to list my comments made via mobile Chrome app vs comments made via desktop Chrome, even though I input the same name for each. Not sure why they invented the other name. I don’t have any “accounts” with this commenting service. Why would I continue to talk in the 1st first when using a “sock puppet”?

  7. Now that would be a great statistic.  
    My guess is that if if was known and could be proven accurate, It would be front page news at CNN

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  9. 67.7% of Europe did worse in per-capita deaths when correcting for differing obesity levels. 67.0% of Latin America did worse. And that’s despite Cuomo killing loads, which the media covered up for months.

    1st world countries have 400+% as many age-60+ people as 3rd-world countries so those countries should not even be compared. On top of differing fitness & vitamin D exposure.

    But the kindergarteners that make up the Left are too lazy and/or dishonest to engage in critical thinking.

  10. What part of my post is describing something that’s not scientific? It is a scientific process to control for ALL variables when performing a test. It is not a scientific process to brainlessly look at 2 numbers and call it a day. Especially when those numbers are not based on a common testing criteria and which are just brainlessly regurgitating whatever a country self-reports.

  11. If you decide to skip going to the cancer doctor because you can't be bothered wearing a mask then my sympathy levels are low.

  12. Per capita the USA is only 5th richest.
    And those ahead of it in the list didn't do well with Covid either. It seems money doesn't repel virii.

  13. Unreasoned panic causes bad decisions, and death. How many people have missed cancer screening that would have saved their lives.

  14. Done poorly relative to what? Have all countries done testing, and cause of death determination the same way. I sincerely doubt it.
    More likely, you're comparing apples, and oranges. This is particularly true because democrat controlled state governments acted to make things look worse than they were, except when they killed nursing home residents like Cuomo did.

  15. Maybe if the democrats had not interfered with closing the borders early in the panicdemic, US numbers would look better.

  16. So what? 2.8 million people die in the US every year from normal causes. No one obsesses over those, so what's the big deal over COVID? Moreover most of those normal deaths stem from the same underlying conditions that kill COVID victims. Those conditions stem from the unhealthy lifestyles people live. The moral of the story is that if COVID doesn't kill them then diabetes, cancer or heart disease will. Meanwhile healthy people laugh at all the Chicken Little panic mongers. Heck even a 119 yr old nun beat the disease. But pls by all means keep whining about COVID.

  17. The recent discovery of a recombinant mutation that mixes the transmissibility of the UK variant with the antibody resistance of the California variant (recombination was expected but not detected formally until now) is not good news…

  18. US has not done poorly relative to many other countries in their response. Stop projecting your own hubris and lazy thinking onto other people. When *scientifically* accounting for all variables like population size, differing rates of comorbidities (age/fitness), geography, and diets, most of Europe and Latin America have done worse than the US.

    As usual, the Left is mathematically illiterate and bathing in confirmation-bias and binary-thinking. And lacking any understanding of the scientific method.

  19. It's not over until Dr Fauci says it's over.

    And based on his track record he'll change his mind and it won't be over again.

  20. Likely, positive PCR tests, is what is meant by "cases". A positive PCR test, without a specified number of (doubling)cycles is useless in diagnosing an active infection, which is what a case is. A positive pcr test may result from your immune system finding an inactive viral particle, and destroying it, or from some other viral infection. Some tests used to "diagnose cases" go to 35 cycles, or higher. 2**35 is over 34 billion.
    Since governments, and the propaganda media are using covid-19 to instill unreasoning fear into the populace so as to make them more easily manipulated I propose the following.
    This is not a pandemic, is is a panicdemic!

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