NVIDIA’s Atlan and Hyperion Self Driving Platforms

NVIDIA unviled the DRIVE Atlan Autonomous Vehicle Platform. It is a Next-generation SoC to deliver more than 1,000 TOPS and equipped with BlueField DPU. Atlan will not be available for a couple of years, software development is well underway.

During the GTC 21 keynote address this morning, NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced:

DRIVE Atlan™ — Extending the DRIVE roadmap for 2025 models, the next-generation Atlan SoC will be a modern data center on wheels—delivering more than 1,000 TOPS of performance. Atlan will integrate new CPU, GPU, and DLA with the latest in networking and security for unprecedented levels of performance and security necessary for next-generation AVs.

DRIVE Hyperion™ — The 8th generation of the Nvidia turnkey AV platform streamlines data collection, AV development and testing. The platform now includes DRIVE Software source access to help accelerate the path to production for DRIVE customers.

DRIVE Sim™ — The new version of the Nvidia simulation suite is powered by NVIDIA Omniverse, delivering high-fidelity and physically accurate simulation that’s safe, scalable, and cost-effective. Using Omniverse with NVIDIA RTX ray tracing, DRIVE Sim is capable of generating a near infinite range of real-world scenarios for AV development and validation, as well as managing fleet deployments.

$8 Billion Automotive Pipeline — Established OEMs, truck makers, NEVs and robotaxi companies are putting NVIDIA DRIVE into production. This growing pipeline incorporates deals from companies including Volvo Cars, Mercedes-Benz, NIO, SAIC, TuSimple, Zoox, Cruise, Faraday Future, VinFast and more over the next six years.

The eighth-generation Nvidia Hyperion (Autonomous Vehicle) platform includes the sensors, high-performance compute and software necessary for autonomous vehicle development, all verified, calibrated and synchronized right out of the box.

Hyperionn uses two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin systems-on-a-chip (SoCs). They provide ample compute for level 4 self-driving and intelligent cockpit capabilities. These SoCs process data from a halo of 12 exterior cameras, three interior cameras, nine radars and two lidar sensors in real time for safe autonomous operation.

Hyperion also includes all the tools necessary to evaluate the NVIDIA DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX software stack, as well as real-time record and capture capabilities for streamlined driving data processing.

Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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