Pentagon Confirms Triangle UFO Video are Real Navy Videos

The Hill talks about the Pentagon confirming the 2019 “triangle” UFO video as a real navy video.

Mick West and others identified the stars in the video. They determined the number of degrees in the video.

Mick West notes the green pyramid UFO looks like bokeh which are out-of-focus plane lights. But how fast is it going, and is that speed consistent with a plane?

The circle view covers 17.2 degrees. If the object is 33000 feet of height then the object was moving at 400 knots which is normal airplane speed and altitude. The flashing would be the lights of a plane. If the object was very close then it could be slow moving drone.

Calculating speed in videos without reference points requires you know the angular field of view and either the size or the distance of the object. Since it’s out of focus we can’t tell the size, but we can estimate the distance using the average of air traffic in the area to see if the calculated speed matches that air traffic.

And it does.

The US military apparently has hundreds of videos and photos. All of the material needs to be released. The currently released information is too out of focus and needs better support to make the case that this is something exceptional.

SOURCES- Mick West, Rising, Today
Written By Brian Wang,

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