Reminder Nextbigfuture Reported China Lab Likely COVID-19 Source in February 2020

On February 16, 2020 Nextbigfuture reported that the China Biohazard lab was the likely source of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

South China University of Technology biologist Xiao Botao has co-written a paper the #COVID19 might have originated from an animal research lab 280 meters away from the epicentre of the outbreak. The scientists were reportedly bitten by bats used for a test on louse.

Bats are not eaten at the Wuhan fish market and bats were never traded at the market. The bats live 600 miles away and would not migrate over to Wuhan.

Researchers were bitten by the bats they were studying and did not quarantine themselves long enough. They quarantined themselves for 14 days but the virus can incubate for 24 days.

The new 2021 information is that it is reported that three lab researchers were so sick in November, 2019 that they had to be hospitalized.

Anthony Fauci now admits this is a legitimate line of inquiry. Twitter and Facebook are now longer banning and censoring those who say this is a valid theory.

Anthony Fauci is also involved in distributing hundreds of millions of dollars of research for gain-of-function research. In virology, gain-of-function research is employed with the intention of better understanding current and future pandemics. In vaccine development, gain-of-function research is conducted in the hope of gaining a head start on a virus and being able to develop a vaccine or therapeutic before it emerges.

In December 2014, a three-day symposium was organized by the Volkswagen Foundation with the Max Planck Society at Hanover, Germany. Concerns were “raised that the GoFR strains themselves were a threat to public health in two ways: First, because the knowledge of how to tweak an influenza virus into a potential pandemic pathogen (PPP) could be used by bioterrorists or for biological warfare purposes. Second, because the tweaked viruses could escape (or could be stolen) from the laboratory and could cause a pandemic.

Senator Rand Paul has accused Fauci.

Rand Paul – For years, Dr. Ralph Baric, a virologist in the U.S., has been collaborating with Dr. Shi Zhengli from the Wuhan Virology Institute, sharing his discoveries about how to create superviruses.

Fauci authorizes NIH funding. The NIH funded Dr. Baric’s research.

Another Reminder Where People Should Have Listened to Nextbigfuture

On Jan 27, 2020, Nextbigfuture published that even more draconian quarantines were needed to stop COVID-19. This was almost two months before San Francisco started the first lockdown in the US. The US travel ban from China took effect on January 31, 2020.

SOURCES- Rand Paul, South China University of Technology
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. No bibliography, no affiliations, these are things you already know, before starting to write (because tou know where you work and supposedly you know the state of the art of the subject and all the relevant papers that contributed to your view) if a paper and his author do not conform to any reputable standard it is not an ad hominem attack to point it out

  2. This has turned into a political gotch issue. I am more interested in finding out what has been released and has made it into my body as part of the vacine. I am pro vacine but I really think we have to have the best minds from industry and academia studying this thing from the first case thru to the future to make sure it is not designed to re emerge in deadlier forms. And when I say best minds I exclude Fauci and his colleagues and I would like to see an investigation as to whether it was true our government knew about the poor procedures at this lab before it was leaked. And also whether Gates did donate funds to this lab as has been reported. I am not out to hang him just reign him in and regulate his abundant charitable donations.

  3. Once Bigfoot goes on a killing spree and racks up 3.5 million dead.

    Unless you're suggesting that he already has and the mainstream media us covering it up?

  4. But what's the conspiracy?
    Escape from lab = accident
    Release from lab = conspiracy (assuming it was more than one person involved).

  5. This was obvious to me. Further it is the main thing that begs further analysis of what got released. Is it programmed to keep mutating overtimes to something more deadly. I am tired of the likes of Fauci and Gates and others having so much to say in the area of this deadly disease. Turn it over to the best of brains in Industry and Academia to study it from the start. I mean the ones that came up with the vacine. The government management of the center for disease control in Atlanta should have been set aside when they said their one lab in Atlanta was going to perform all the tests on the virus. The whole US population at the rate of a couple of hundred tests a year.

  6. I've said from the beginning, it begs all bounds of credibility to suppose this thing just happened to originate right outside the lab that studies it. Less advanced countries tend to have priorities and safety standards are not the same as what we might hope.

    That does not mean it was engineered. It probably was not, or western scientists would likely have seen telltales.

    I've been in less developed countries that are trying to take shortcuts. Yes, I believe they could easily be so sloppy as to send it home with someone. And then Pooh-bear-for-life tries to cover it all up because that's the way an authoritarian regime behaves behind the smiles and big lies.
    The darker side: They MAY have been eyeing it as a candidate for gene mods or, to cover their tracks better, they may have planned to selectively breed it. As that TV physicist noted, it doesn't matter if you arrange all the dice by hand, or keep throwing the ones that aren't what you want until they are all what you want, the result is the same.

    By 2060 they are looking at going from something like 7.6 workers per elderly person to 1 per 1. If someone wanted options, they would spend a few decades getting something like COVID ready to solve the problem. Breed it to be even more contagious, much more fatal, and much more targeted on old people, as well as having a good vaccine ready for old leaders. That doesn't mean they plan to use it, but someone MIGHT want the option to be available. Maybe.

  7. The three sick Wuhan Lab workers are only significant if they were the only people in all of Wuhan that were sick with a respiratory illness at that time and a few weeks before. Covid spreads exponentially which means that it would have taken months for the outbreak to be large enough to be noticeable. The outbreak was in December, so the initial infections had to have been months earlier. Lets say the number of infected people in Wuhan was about 200,000 and that each infection cycle was 7 days. If the R factor was 2 which is high then it would have taken about 17 cycles of 7 days which is about 120 days, 4 months. November is too late. The epidemic started early that September. Depending on the R factor it could have started much earlier. If the R factor was 1.2 which is likely then the number of cycles would about 68 and the initial infection was 68 * 7 days which would have been 16 months prior. And yes, going from been infected to been infectious would take less than 7 days. It might be as low as 3 days and as high as 10 days.

    Btw, the initial source of the virus in Wuhan doesn't have to be a bat. An intermediate animal or even a person who visited a cave with bats would do.

  8. "Lab leak" presumes an accidental release. "Lab origin" is more precise, as it does not make that presumption.

    The CIA clearly viewed China as a rising power and potential threat to US hegemony. The CIA most certainly would have known of the US involvement in the GoF research on Corona viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and might very well have been involved in promoting US involvement in that research.

    If a natural origin is dismissed, then any good-faith investigation into the origin of the covid pandemic must consider an intentional release, that is, a bioweapons attack by the US, as a possibility.

  9. The above map seems to be fake. On google maps, that location seems to be "新世纪家电收售调剂站" which translates into "New Century Home Appliances Sales and Adjustment Station". The Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention is nowhere near.

  10. it was indeed a possible cause, but by default oppressed by the Chinees government and denied. But when you deny all negative info, it becomes "common"

  11. Not every theory is a conspiracy theory. It is just a theory. But this one seems like an Occom's Razor theory.

    The virus had to come from somewhere. The idea that it escaped from a lab doing gain of function research is more plausible than it came from bat soup.

  12. Sorry but unless hard "proofs" and investigation results aren't coming from people outside the West(which is biased towards anything Chinese) who have similar level of friendly relations with West as with China, it's hard to take seriously any of those countless theories, proofs.

    Taking any of this seriously is like 3rd person asking your wifes lover (who want to get rid of you) what he thinks about you and expecting nice and objective words

  13. In my opinion some of the lab animals that were meant to be destroyed were stolen and sold to the market.

  14. It is, until it is verified.
    The fact that researchers got infected only proves that researchers got infected.
    -Researchers were studying a virus deemed as a possible health hazard because similar viruses present in bats caused health issues in the past
    -Those bats live 900 km from the research center
    -Bats usually do not travel for 900 km, but people can and do travel distances bigger than that,
    -People tend to gather in crowded places (by definition, otherwise they will not be crowded).
    -Researchers are people too (most of them anyway) so they too tend to gather in crowded places.

    Until you can prove that the researchers and only the researchers got it from the bats and spread it to the market (and from there to the rest of the world) this is just one of the possible diffusion models and it is not necessarily the most likely. Indeed we know that the precursor of this virus was already an issue for the public health because that was the reason that motivated the research on the virus in the first place.

  15. This peer reviewed paper published in BioEssays Aug2020
    contradicts your statement that there is little or no evidence. A more accurate statement (from the paper's conclusions) would be that:

    "the available evidence does not point definitively toward a natural origin for SARS-CoV-2, rather, much of it is more consistent with what would be found if the novel coronavirus had arisen from serial passage of a “precursor” progenitor virus in a lab, or from bats infecting a commercial mink farm somewhere in China, which would also provide the conditions for serial passage. However, more evidence is required before a conclusive judgement can be made one way or the other."

    This summarizes the case for a lab leak, and in particular lists four bullet points of supporting evidence.

    The first bullet is the simplest – the bats likely to be the source of the precursor to Sars-COV2 are about 1000miles from Wuhan, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology collected bats from that location for research.

    So – bats launched a precursor virus "naturally" 1000 miles to Wuhan, it mutated substantially along the way, leaving no genetic history trail anyone has so far found; OR, bats at the Institute were the source of a virus modified for research, it leaked, and interested parties spent a lot of effort denying that possibility.

  16. Zenodo is a repository, not a magazine. The paper you linked has not been peer reviewed. The author does not list any academic affiliation (that per se does not mean he has no affiliation, but if he has one it means that the institution he works for does not want its name on it).
    Instead of an academic affiliation there is a link to the author website that asks [quoted verbatim from the website homepage]:

    "Join Dr. Quay’s ElevatorMedicine(TM) and get FREE, QUICK TIPS for better living, health, and wellness that take less time than riding an elevator!"

    The paper has zero citations (even on zenodo), no bibliography, and several of the pictures are screenshots (including a screenshot of a twitter comment), The paper does not respect any legit standard of any reputable scientific magazine.

    Please refrain from posting things like this one, as people might be tricked into thinking that what you posted is a legit paper, while it is not.


  17. There are many, many more articles, both in my personal collection, and from the suggestions in Bing or Google when you look up any of these articles (or video in the last case). There is far too much to summarize here, but as one long article put it, there is guilt and complicity on both the U.S. and Chinese sides, meaning there is motivation for both to cover up the cause of the worst pandemic since the 1918 so-called Spanish Flu, which actually originated in the U.S. too, at an Army base. None of these articles suggest a willful release of the virus that first killed so many Chinese citizens, but some point to routine carelessness in Chinese bioresearch labs, especially at higher levels of containment. The long incubation period of the earliest cases tends to confirm the animal to human transmission theory too, since the rapidly mutating virus might have struggled at first to adapt to human physiology…but no more now.

  18. I had the same problem, also using Firefox, a few days ago, but it seems to be cleared up now. These frequent changes to the commenting system are not helping matters.

  19. Brian, I honestly think you are mixing two very different aspects of the problem:
    -Something might or might not have escaped from a lab.
    -Something might or might not be artificial/engineered.
    It is not particularly honest to mix the two levels:
    -From your own article it is clearly stated that the closest progenitor of the virus is in a bat population and virology/microbiology labs tend to study dangerous pathogens that constitute a threat to the people.
    -If they were maintaining bats in the labs they were not even trying to culture the virus.
    -From all the research published so far there is no evidence of artificial manipulation on the viral genome (if you have a reputable source stating otherwise, please feel free to provide it).
    Writing a paragraph stating that something might have escaped from a lab and in the following paragraph stating that in 2014 there was a conference declaring that engineered viruses might be used by terrorists, it is making a false implication among the two statements.
    We have covid vaccines now because dozens of labs purified the virus, decoded it and found a way to exploit some of the virus's molecular weaknesses to create a vaccine.
    Half statements and false implications will only have the effect of promoting anti-scientific feelings.

  20. From your article.
    "While it's not a direct evolutionary precursor of SARS-CoV-2, this new virus, RmYN02, suggests that these types of seemingly unusual insertion events can occur naturally in coronavirus evolution."
    There is still a missing link. There are sections of the virus that look suspicously like.

    """SARS-COV-2 is a human-made virus," claims Dr Li-Meng Yan

    Dr Yan is not the only expert who has made suspicious claims related to the origin of SARS-COV-2 virus. She reportedly said the virus was engineered in a lab facility by humans, also suggesting that the Chinese government had prior knowledge of the spread.

    Dr Yan, who was also involved in investigating the first reported outbreak in the world, i.e., the one that originated in Wuhan, claims that the virus was very much in circulation before Wuhan seafood market came into the news, terming it to be a complete 'cover-up'."

  21. How about some more UFO stories and a few Bigfoot to go with the virus conspiracy stories?

  22. Omg. This place is now crawling with enough conservatives to be ‘breitbart’ light. So much for hard science

  23. There is little to no evidence this was engineered:

    It still may have come from the lab…or not. There is way too little evidence to draw conclusions. 

    We know animals can contract the virus. Farmers may have fed bats to any number of animals as cheap protean; nets over cave entrances and smoke pumped in to kill or incapacitate the bats. Collect and feed the pigs/chickens/ducks/ferrets/whatever for next to nothing. "…COVID-19 virus can bind to ACE2 in pigs, ferret, cats and some non-human primates…"

    Even if these animals are not as likely to be infected as people, I think it ups the odds quite a bit that an animal will contract an infection if they are being fed bats regularly. Heck, it could just have been a farmer bringing perfectly fine animals to market. No reason the farmer could not have been infected and spread it to the market. Heck, it could have been anyone who came into contact with bats.

    I am just saying there is very little evidence…insufficient for judicious minds to come to conclusions.

    Making a gamble that pans out is not "knowing", it is getting lucky. And making conclusions without evidence is a great way to disconect from reality as people's ego's are then engaged in an outcome they can choose to accept or not when genuine conclusive evidence emerges.

  24. 1) There was a report of feline transmission in one of the US zoos, possibly a tiger in Ohio? I recall some concern with house cats as well.
    2) It is difficult to get sensible Covid antibody testing for humans- my non-insured cost is C$75. Some of the better research studies include serology and outcomes with Covid, most don't. The vaccine trials are particularly troubling when considering complications (ie VITT) in people under 40.
    3) I had a comment censored for a JAMA article when I asked what "laboratory confirmed Covid" meant, whether it was PCR 30 cycles, 45 cycles, or a serologic result. It was not evident from the article or the references, but my question was deemed to "not meet community standards." MSM reporting is not the only area of hazard.
    4) My wife attended a "Freedom Rally" of more than 500 (not a Trump Inauguration estimate!) in the civic square May 15. No report was found in the news, although there was an item that 3 dogs had been found in hot cars. Arrests at rallies elsewhere were subsequently reported. A rally of about 50-100 supporting logging protesters was reported on the front page the following week.
    5) Our reporting on the Chinese vaccination progress seems rather skimpy. We have heard about V. Putin's Sputnik vaccine.

  25. Also, were the alleged sick researchers posted at the virology lab (the one near the market that is supposed to be BSL4), or the bat lab (which is elsewhere in Wuhan, and was supposed to be equipped with a BSL3 lab)?

  26. While the alleged reporting is rather weak in another aspect, regarding the
    type of intelligence reports and the implied significance/accuracy as
    rated by the IC, the alleged very high confidence in the unnamed third
    party source highly suggests Taiwan. Taiwan had been performing an
    active hacking campaign in china, and in particular had their claws into
    chinese medical networks, which there are allegations this was spurred by the
    need for accurate medical information in the wake of the closed chinese response regarding the original SARS outbreak. This early warning from tapped email communication is what prompted Taiwan's rapid and brisk quarantine response ahead of other nations.

  27. The basic fail of the recent reporting on this is that in China, it's considered normal for people to go directly to hospitals when feeling a bit off, rather than going to private clinics or general practitioners. For most employers, if you want a sick note to excuse a sick day that the employer will respect, it must be issued by a hospital in most cases. Long cultural issues meant independently run clinics were less common in cities.

    Japan is also like this, though in that case it's a business artifact of laws requiring most hospitals to be owned/operated by doctors, so you have boatloads of small private hospitals that really should be called megaclinics with overnight rooms, often frequented by semi-lonely elderly who don't have a day service or other social space.

    While bats may not have been sold at the wet market, coronavirus analysis suggest bat, and other intermediate animals (pandolins?) traces in the genetic code. It hasn't been well publicized what animals were available for purchase at the wet market beyond seafood.

  28. The US was funding some research at the Wuhan lab which they could not carry out in the US. Appears Fauci may have been indirectly involved.

    Sad thing is this has been so politicized that any questions have been deemed fake news. Why is it wrong to question?

  29. Brian's web developer may have done something to the site again. I had a new recent issue for where the comments would start to load and fail, that required cleaning cache and cookies. Probably need to clear all history/cookies for the site (right click, page info, go to privacy tab) and force a reload by holding shift while pressing F5.

  30. Try and learn to read.

    He said "no better than".

    I am inclined to agree.

    The article was basically crowing about a paper citing a theory that roughly matches what NBF mentioned a year ago – which is not the same thing as saying it is a substantiated fact that it happened that way.

    The other part was childish 'I told you so' language which is ghoulish at best considering the context.

  31. Except it isn't that overly adapted to humans though.

    It's well suited for us to be sure but it's been documented to pass to several other species.

    The last time I went to the zoo at least 2 different exhibits as well as all the primates had to be sealed off more than they usually are because of fears that the animals would catch it from visitors.

    I know bears were one example but I can't remember the other off hand.

    Of course the main notable human->animal transmission was related to mink farming in Denmark where they basically culled the entire countries mink population to prevent that variant from spreading after several cases were detected among workers at these mink farms.

    Given bats are mammals and most if not all the species I've heard of being affected by COVID 19 are mammals this doesn't surprise me a whole lot.

    I imagine if they had tested all the livestock and pets too they would have found quite a number of them had the virus or had since developed antibodies.

  32. Ooof, really?


    An article that basically consists of a using an admittedly non proven potential origin for the virus as if it is proven and two to three 'I told you so's is not only weak but ghoulish.

    Stick to tech news and stock manipulation.

  33. writing an article on a viral weibo chat is pretty meh esp as a followup article. but it does highlight brians knack for being on the edge.

  34. If you still have doubts about the origin take a look at this

    Also, is just me or anyone else has a buggy interface when commenting? I'm using Firefox I don't thing it happens when using chrome, if the website developers could look into this it would be appreciated

    Edit: And be careful Brian, you don't want to get deplatformed… your timing to post this was good, msm is now in that point of "considering all possibilities", the next step will be "now that we have analyzed the all possibilities and found that it's from natural origin, there will be no more discussion around the subject" anyone who says otherwise will be censored and called conspiracy theorist, as if that meant crazy person or false. They are just playing the tricks by the book.

  35. True. And there were some others as well, but they were overwhelmed by the MSM narrative machine.

    Consider yourself lucky that you were not deplatformed.

  36. It always looked like an overly adapted to humans virus. Just too perfect.

    Airborne, very contagious, resilient on surfaces… slow incubation, not detectable in many cases but still contagious, lethal enough to cripple any modern society with fear.

    Nature can be nasty, but this one just ticks too many boxes.

  37. that text was floating around on weibo at the time. i mean. it could be true but it could be psyops or just a troll

  38. Regardless if this is true, virus research should be regarded and conducted with the same (or more) care than research on nukes and nuclear materials.

    The potential negative outcomes are nuclear-incident-like in scope and size. Closer to the potential outcomes of an actual nuclear bomb gone missing!

  39. Also the original strain was engineered, nothing similar enough was found in the wild despite an ongoing search.

  40. Until real evidence comes to light, if ever, Brian, you’re no better than other sites peddling conspiracy theories.

  41. Common sense has to be injected here. While there is no direct proof the lab was involved… yet three workers were so sick in the time frame of the inception. Simply it's time for China to own up and admit they bungled the virus and were incompetent. There is great risk to letting these viruses touch humans and they behaved very irresponsible. Trillions of dollars and millions of lives lost. It could have been much worse, but yet we don't know the long term effects on the virus. Example shingles is a derivative of chickenpox. The world better wake up as we are heading into a much more delicate time for mankind, resources, over population, water, food, ocean over-fishing, governmental debt and of course freedom and democracy are all a frail system. Just takes a couple of pillars to fall to end up like the 1300s. Then we are back to the dark ages.

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