Tesla FSD Beta V9 Releases Saturday

Elon Musk tweeted that the Full self driving beta version 9 will be released this Saturday. There will be about 2000 Beta testers initially.

It has previously been reported that it would be about a month after initial beta release before it goes to wider adoption.

SOURCES – Elon Musk
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

14 thoughts on “Tesla FSD Beta V9 Releases Saturday”

  1. I understand where you're coming from, but I am not convinced that regular car part failures are as instantly catastrophic, difficult to discern from 'worn out' to impending doom, and as forgiving in partial or limited use as those instruments and sensors crucial to full self driving. So, low to moderate idiots who lets their brakes squeal with nearly non-existent pads will not kill the bright-orange 3-year old on the road that the fogged up sensor, mistaking it for a pylon when other risks exist, would. I fundamentally distrust true FSD and believe that it has no future (even in cases where it kills 1 in 1000 less than regular human driving in the same circumstances) .. and even encourages risky behavior (its foggy and slippery out, let the AI drive) .. except in mild varieties along self-contained environments such as freeways. And the above study is part of growing evidence along these lines… its a shame, but car driving, like gun ownership, creating artistic content, and ensuring proper medical image diagnostics, should be mostly undertaken and certainly under the last-check of a human being duly qualified. Automation for automation's purpose doesn't make the world better – if its drudge work, don't do it — take the bus.

  2. Also

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  3. Yes, but those same idiots are also driving cars, so they already are a menace when they have their hands on the wheel; therefore, it's not qualitatively worse than having a self-driving AI which, upon noticing that it is not predicting the behaviour of the vehicle correctly, disables itself. All we need is to penalise an owner legally if they somehow prevent the AI from disabling in these circumstances (and if they cannot otherwise drive, they will suddenly be much more proactive in doing their maintenance). Necessity makes the frog skip, as my grandmother used to say.

  4. I think the spirit and the crucial take-away from the article is that people are basically idi$ts and cannot be expected to be pro-active in maintenance, respond promptly to warnings and guidelines, and otherwise do anything but the absolute minimum (if that) in avoiding catastrophic failures of their vehicles. If the success of highly autonomous driving depends on people maintaining sensors, controllers, manufacturer feedback communications, software updates, etc., then the industry is doomed. Does anyone know of such a rare and mythical creature as takes their vehicle into the dealer within a few days of when the engine light blinks or under the recommended 3-5000 miles for an oil change, when not free under warranty. I even know of a growing group of people that are modifying their Teslas so they cannot be automatically and remotely updated. Further, if manufacturers disallow vehicles from entering autonomous mode or even starting when their is a fault – customers will refuse to even buy the service to begin with.

  5. That is a study saying that if you replace the windshield and don't recalibrate the camera sitting on it, your driving assistance system won't function properly. The immediate response is "make sure to recalibrate the system after a repair," not "scrap the system completely." After all, humans as well aren't always reliable in long-term operation.

  6. O)obviously ,this FSD will not allow full self driving's human must be in the drivers seat

  7. Elon clarified further that release would be at 12 midnight on Friday the 9th Pacific time and the open “button” release would be about a month later if the first release works out.

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