SpaceX Super Heavy Starship Orbital Flight Tracking to Mid-September

SpaceX needs to complete the following to launch the Super Heavy Starship Orbital Flight
* complete the launch tower
* the Starship SN20 heatshield must be complete and each tile verified
* Both the SN20 and the BN4 prototypes must complete ground tests
* the fueling tank farm must be completed

All of these things are getting closer to completion but there is still 2-3 weeks left.

Finally the FAA must approve the launch after everything else is ready.

SOURCES- Felix Schlang – What About It?, Alex Svan Art, Austin Bernard, Elon Musk
Written by Brian Wang,

10 thoughts on “SpaceX Super Heavy Starship Orbital Flight Tracking to Mid-September”

  1. Tower doesn't need to be entirely complete, but the QD arm must be finished. The catcher mechanism can wait. Technically the launch table is also needed.

  2. actually they recently setup a special branch office in I think Austin,Texas, specifically to deal with Blue Origin New Shepard and SpaceX Starship, for inspectors at least. Not sure about other bureaucrats…

  3. Using a camera inside the tank would work during reentry, but, no, I mean the ground inspection that's happening now.

  4. So, cover the visible gaps and hope for the best?

    Which may be justifiable. The launcher is meant to go down in a blaze of glory after landing in the ocean.

    But it can be on return too. There will still be plenty of data to gather and analyze either way.

  5. in other news… well the Cygnus re-supply mission went well…
    healthy-ish competitors means vibrant industry.

  6. The FAA must have its own fully-staffed branch office near Boca to keep up with all this… has to be more than paperwork submittals.
    To be a fly on the wall of that place.

  7. Youtuber Tim Dodd asked that; Elon paused and said something like "well, could use cryogenic IR, or off the shelf FLIR" Followed by the brilliant "oh, duh. This is stainless steel, if need to identify hot spots, it will be -hey, it's that panel that's glowing red-… fortunately this alloy doesn't loose strength until it's white hot"

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