Use Hot Sauna 4-7 Times Per Week for 40% Lower Risk of Death

Using a hot sauna provides lower risk of death benefits that are similar to exercise. Being in a hot sauna increases heart rate and mimicks exercise in many ways.

It is a Homeostatic stressor. It forces your body out of its normal equilibrium and your body is forced to adapt to the stress.

You also feel better after being in the sauna. It lowers depression and anxiety.

There are 20 year studies that show positive health and longevity benefits of frequent sauna usage.

It is probably better to sauna after exercise.

Dr. Patrick has since been using the saunas 3 times per week for 20-30 minute intervals at 175 to 190 degrees F (infrared saunas require more time).

Cold stress is also good for you. Cold exposure seems to improve endurance and health.

SOURCES – Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Hormetic Stressors – Health Benefits of Sauna and Cold Exposure
Written By Brian Wang,