Elon Musk Interviewed by Lex Friedman on Mars, Tesla FSD and Teslabot

Elon Musk had a 2.5 hour interview with Lex Friedman where he talked SpaceX Starship, Mars, Tesla FSD and Teslabot.

Elon Musk is back to being confident that the Raptor 2 mass production problems will be overcome. There are a lot of unique materials in the Raptor. They created new alloys. It is also a full-flow staged combustion engine.

Elon nows is targeting 5-10 years to get to Mars. This would be 2026 at the earliest.

Elon talks about cryptocurrency. Money is a database of asset allocation across time and space. If you have a trillion dollars but you are trapped on a desert island, you could still starve. Currently the money system for most of the banks and the Federal reserve are data system built on mainframes with ancient COBOL code.

Elon says it is looking likely that Tesla FSD will reach level 4 Autonomy in 2022. Elon has been confident before since 2016 but was wrong. This time Tesla has a good version 10.8 FSD in operation and the Dojo self-driving training supercomputer will start operation to speed up the updating of the FSD from once a week to three times a day. The number of interventions is dropping.

Tesla FSD v11 has fundamental rewrites. They are replacing C++ code with neural nets. FSD v11 will be one stack for all of the code.

Everything has to move to raw photon counts instead of processed images. Everything has to move to full surround video.

Teslabot will be a general-purpose helper bot. Eventually, Elon sees work becoming optional.

Tesla could have hundreds of millions of Teslabots in the future. There could eventually be more Teslabots than Tesla cars.

If Tesla reaches 30-50 million Tesla cars per year, then eventually they will have a billion cars of the 2 billion world fleet of cars.

They discussed the Teslabot becoming a good companion or friend to humans.

Tesla had to create the basic building block for an AGI (artificial general intelligence) to create Autopilot. Tesla has a real world AI that interacts and navigates the real world.

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  1. Sure the underpinnings of the current banking system are mainframes and old COBOL code, but the fact that those old mainframes still have transaction speeds exceeding what is capable on modern servers is nothing to laugh at. You can thank those IBM and Bell greybeards for their genius. We are still cherrypicking features from mainframes to add to modern CPU's even today.

    COBOL (and a fair bit of FORTRAN code too) isn't shabby, but the maintainability aspect of COBOL is killing it though (the FORTRAN parts will be kept alive as it can still be superior for certain mathematical modeling)

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