Iron LFP Battery Tsunami

I, Brian Wang, have a new youtube video explaining the iron LFP battery tsunami that started coming out of China in 2021. This is a massive earthquake that hit the EV World. The financial and technological shockwaves and continuing impact will be felt from 2022-2026.

I go over in detail the clear evidence that this has happened.

CATL had four times as many monthly batteries installations in December, 2021 as they did in May, 2021.

CATL, SVolt, CALB, Gotion, BYD have made combined battery factory starts deploying over $100 billion in investments. Those factories have mining contracts and contracts with EV companies in order to get the bank and government support for construction.

There will be enough LFP batteries for 50 million electric cars or more in 2025.

The faster transition has hundreds of billions of dollars in investment. I am pointing out what major companies are collectively doing. It is not just ramping up some spreadsheet speculation. I am saying here is what has happened to the battery supply chain and here is what will be happening to it.

Tesla made a prediction that they would have 500,000 cars per year in 2020. Tesla made that of 500,000 cars per year prediction in 2017. Why was that prediction so accurate ? 500,000 cars is the number of cars with the battery pack size of the Model 3 that could be made using a fully ramped the Nevada Panasonic-Tesla battery factory. Tesla ended up not fully ramping the Nevada factory. They got some more batteries from LG Chem and started getting some LFP batteries from CATL for minor production levels in late 2020.