Future of Netflix and Streaming

Grace Rudolph is a Youtube movie reviewer but she also has the pulse of the entertainment business. She has a video that I think nails the future of Netflix and the other streaming services. This is relevant as there are over 400 million people using the various streaming services and this is a large segment of the entertainment industry.

Netflix share price has crashed to about $214 from a peak of $701. Disney is down from $190 to about $120.

Grace forecasts that streaming services will contract to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max. There will also be Apple TV which has the iTunes market to sell shows as well as subscription options. Youtube will also have its ad-supported service, subscriptions and individual movie or show sales.

All of the other streaming services will either go out of business, get bought out or shift into providing content to the major platforms.

Spending on content (producing movies and shows) will get more disciplined. Netflix spent about $17 billion making shows and movies in a single year and that has not resulted in a positive return.

Makers of movies and actors will be forced to be more efficient and produce maximum quality with smaller budgets. The technology is available to make highly entertaining content and effects without large budgets.

The Netflix Animation division has been cut.

SOURCES- Beyond the Trailer
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com