October 28, 2012

Ultracompact on-chip silicon optical logic gates

Arxiv - All-optical integrated circuits for computing and information processing have been pursued for decades as a potential strategy to overcome the speed limitations intrinsic to electronics. However feasible on-chip integrated logic units and devices still have been limited by its size, quality, scalability, and reliability. Here we demonstrate all-passive on-chip optical AND and NAND logic gates made from a directional emitting cavity connecting two ultrasmall photonic crystal heterojunction diodes. The measured transmission spectra show more than 10dB contrast of the logic transport with a high phase tolerance, agreeing well with numerical simulations. The building of linear, passive, and ultracompact silicon optical logic gates might pave the way to construct novel nanophotonic on-chip processor architectures for future optical computing technologies.

Construction of the electronic and optical logic gates. Schematic geometry of the developments (a) from electronic diodes to electronic logic gates, and (b) from optical diodes to optical logic gates. The optical logic devices could be realized by the combination of optical diodes, in much similar way as the electronic logic devices based on the combination of various electronic diodes.

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