Liveblogging – Bulletproof Diet

Leptin resistance occurs before and at the same time as insulin

Vaso active I… Peptide (VIP)
VIP controls brain, sleep, GI function, metabolism

Induce autophagy cleans your cells

Calorie restriction makes you feel cold, cranky and have other problems

More bile turnover is good

Help control inflammation

Avoid food toxins
Avoid leptins, phytate, gluten, mycotoxins, avoid grains, legumes, mold

A science based approach to a modified Paleo-diet

The short thing would be to avoid gluten and eat more good fat

Avoid over cooking the meat – avoid open flames and going over 300 degrees.

Add oils (butter) after the vegatables are cooked.

Biogenic amines are bad. a lot of meat in the supple chain is too old. Average 6 weeks, but up to 9 weeks since the animal was killed.

Intermittent ketosis is good

Limit fructose


Eat nutrient dense goods

EDTA reduces iron in blood

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