Russia getting about a dozen new submarines and another dozen navy ships over the next two to three years

By the end of 2015, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will receive a Grigorovich-class frigate, two new improved Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines, and a handful of small Project 21631 missile corvettes.

Admiral Grigorovich class frigates (also known as Project 11356M) are based on a joint Indian-Russian endeavor. Admiral Grigorovich class frigates are very modern guided missile ships and they implement all the best Russia has in this class. The main armament consists of 8 cells for 3M54E Klub and 3M55 Oniks missiles. These missiles are capable of multi-vector attacks at supersonic speeds.

The newer Kilo advanced version are designated as Improved Kilo-class submarine in the west, and Project 636 Varshavyanka in Russia. The new subs have improved sonar and other improvements.

By 2016, six new Grigorovich-class frigates and six improved Kilo-class submarines will take positions in the Black Sea Fleet. In 2015, the fleet is expected to receive a handful of small Buyan-class missile corvettes, according to RIA.

The second of the new Project 677 Lada-class submarines, named the Kronstadt, will be launched by the end of 2015.

Lada-class submarine

The Lada class is a next-generation diesel-electric submarine, and will be getting air-independent propulsion systems, which will make them even quieter and more effective than their stealthy Kilo-class predecessors. Displacement is 25% lower than that of its predecessor, the Kilo-class submarine. Top speed submerged is 21 knots, up from 19 for the Kilo class.

The Northern Fleet has begun to receive new nuclear powered submarines of the Borei and Yasen classes, with more on the way in 2015. By 2020, the Russian navy is expected to have at least eight of each new nuclear submarine class in service in the Northern and Pacific fleets.

The Borei nuclear submarines have a new 955A modification. They will have major structural changes and probably other changes.

Russia is also building multipurpose nuclear-powered ships called Project 885 “Ash”. These are quite large (almost submerged displacement of less than 14 thousand tons) submarine. The Yasen-class submarine is a Russian nuclear multipurpose attack submarine. It is based on the Akula-class submarine and the Alfa-class submarines. It is projected to replace Russia’s Soviet-era attack submarines, both Akula and Oscar-class submarines.

The Yasen design is claimed to be state-of-the-art. The Yasen-class nuclear submarine is presumed to be armed with cruise missiles

The Project 885 Yasen-class multi-purpose nuclear attack submarine are armed with Onyx supersonic cruise missiles. The ships will compete with the latest American Seawolf-class nuclear submarines in terms of their noise profile.

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