Elon Musk discusses making Mars more habitable by nuking the poles and being reading to ferry astronauts to ISS within 2-3 years

Elon Musk told Stephen Colbert, Spacex will be ready for human passengers within two to three years.

Mars is “a fixer upper of a planet,” Musk says, but it can be made to be more like Earth if it can be made hotter. When it comes to turning on the planetary furnace, there’s a slow way and fast way, he explained.

The slow way is to release greenhouse gases, the same process being blamed for global warming on Earth. The fast way is to drop nuclear weapons over Mars’ poles.

Musk says his rocket firm, Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, will be capable of ferrying astronauts to the International Space Station in two or three years. At present, SpaceX’ Falcon rockets deliver cargo to the ISS.

SOURCES – Independent UK, USA Today, twitter