Disneyland Star Wars will let you take part in First Order versus Resistance conflict

Disneyland is planning two main Star Wars attractions, including one that will let guests pilot the famed Millennium Falcon, Disney Imagineers described the area as one that will essentially be large-scale immersive theater.

The Millennium Falcon attraction will feature a lifesize re-creation of the ship. It appears to be nestled in a corner closer to the First Order-themed area of the land, will be tailored to individual guest experiences. Everyone will be in character.

“If you’re flying the Millennium Falcon on a mission and you bring that ship in all banged up, the boss man might not be too happy,” Trowbridge said. “When you roll into the cantina later on, the bartender might lean over and say, ‘Word on the street is that there’s a bounty on your head.’ Characters are not just on a stage. They’re living with you.”

Walt Disney World visitors wear so-called Magic Bands on their wrists, which are equipped with technology that allows guest information to be transmitted to Disney employees or the attractions. This could be used to let characters know which side you are on in the First Order versus Resistance area. The attraction will pit guests in a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.