In less than a day LPP Fusion Fund Raising at $147,000+

LPP Fusion is trying to make a 5 megawatt dense plasma focus fusion generators. Their curret WeFunder crowdfunding equity is going well with over $147,000 raised toward a fund raising goal of $1 million.

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  1. I would be happy with, and purchase, one that is able to produce a continuous 5kw for my off grid property. MW levels of power would be serious overkill.

  2. Meanwhile, where are the first commercial BLP Magical Unicorn reactors that BLP promised would be delivered THIS year?

    • Don’t know, ask them. Why do you ask it here? You cannot compare LPPFusion to BLP or Rossi or these kind of charlatans.

      You can say about Lerner what you want but the fact is that he is very open about the research he is doing including all the negatives and obstacles of his research. Results are being published in peer reviewed papers. Investors get regular updates and there are teleconferences with investors every month. Lerner is very approachable by phone. Of the Lawson Criterium (temperature*confinement time*density) the long enough confinement time and the minimum temperature has been achieved. The density need to be increased by 10.000 fold. The fact that they have not achieved the right density is due to the impurities in the plasma – mainly tungsten oxide.
      With the new Berrylium cathode and anode they hope the impurity issue will be solved

      Lerner never states that it is a given that it will work. At this stage is is scientific research based on a theory. There is a possibility of non-accredited investors to participate in this endeavour. Bare in mind that in the category risk-reward of this investment an investment in this falls in the SUPER risk SUPER reward category.

      • Lerner’s predicted 4th-power scaling for energy output has not been happening so far. Beryllium is the only trick left, at this point — that and switching to the p+B11. I do admire their transparency and their pluckiness, though. They’ve had to innovatively MacGuyver their way past all sorts of obstacles along the way.

        • The tungsten impurities absorb useful energy from the plasmoid, without providing fusion energy output. Switching to the beryllium electrodes will reduce the problem, since beryllium has a lower nuclear cross section to absorb x-rays, etc with.

      • Don’t know, ask them. Why do you ask it here? You cannot compare LPPFusion to BLP or Rossi or these kind of charlatans.

        Learn what a rhetorical question is and why it is employed like I just did.

    • They’re on track, in some cases they had delays but they where open about it, explained why.
      And those explanations made sense, the materials (kathode/anode) are seriously expensive.
      Berilium isnt cheap, the’ve been verry carefull in removing impurities of those nodes, as otherwise the contained plasma would heat those impurites causing the nodes the breakdown.
      They did various safe tests, including tests width tungsten nodes, just to verify their calculations.
      Countries better spend money into this then into itter, he got so far the (proven) cheapest way to fusion energy.

    • I’m not so sure. Small investors can’t afford to do the same kind of do diligence that a qualified investor can for a larger investment so those small investors are much more likely to suffer losses. Note, the small investor also can’t afford those losses.

      • There are lots of people who follow these kind of researches and do not qualify to be an accredited investor. This is a great initiative to participate. Yes, $1000 is a lot of money but if you have a portfolio of say $50K then it is only 2% of your portfolio. You might lose it all but the upside can be very lucrative.

      • It is effectively kickstarter but you now own shares instead of just dumping money…. I imagine that will greatly amplify the ability to get funding for projects going that route. Whether it is a smart move is still a question.

      • Because big investors understand plasma physics?
        Because big investors understand how high magnetic fields impact the electron gyroradius?

        Look its a long shot for LPP to work but big investors tend to stick to safe investments, social media, bonds, and real estate.

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